There are more than 31,000 associations in the U.S. and most hold their own trade shows every year. With hundreds of tradeshows taking place everyday, the tradeshow market is a prime opportunity to display your company and give attendees a useful gift that will always remind them of your company’s message.

The most popular promotional items for tradeshows are:

  1. Tote bags
  2. T-Shirts
  3. Writing Instruments
  4. Bottled Water
  5. Caps/Hats
  6. Food

Although there is nothing wrong in staying with the tried and true, why not go a different route and try something new? By using unique ideas, your company is sure to gain interest and attract attention to your booth. For instance, why not hand out a bright T-shirt and have the attendees wear it over their clothes? The colors will stand out as attendees walk the aisle, creating quite a memorable impression.

Try one of these new ideas and you will be sure to stand out from the crowd and grab people’s attention.

Completely customize your promotion with this four-color process music download card. Music downloads can be used on iPods, MP3 players, or burned to your computer or CD. The music library contains over1 million songs. Choose from 1, 2, 3 or 5 songs per card.
500 1-song cards: $1.67

Everyone loves food, especially treats like candy. Though you can’t imprint on the wrapper of these Tootsie Pops, you can imprint on the stick. Try using an old favorite as a new way to market your message. Choose from either Tootsie Pops or Charms Blow Pops.
500 Tootsie Pops: $0.40

If you aren’t looking for a sugar rush, chew on this! Try the new 12 pack of sugar-free peppermint gum in a handy, silver dispenser wrapped with your imprinted envelope.
250 GUMvelopes: $1.65

Don’t forget “man’s best friend” when promoting your product or service. From leashes to dog bones to cat bowls, we have many different products to help your message get noticed.
200 cat bowls: $1.49

Ceramic magic mug, 11 oz. Reveal your message with magic! Images appear and/or disappear when a hot beverage is added! Provides over 10 times the advertising impact versus conventional promotional products.
144 mugs: $3.99

Revamp the old t-shirt give-away with this compressed cotton t-shirt. Package features a full-color, custom die-cut insert and a 1 color /1 location 100% cotton white compressed t-shirt.
144 shirts: $7.50

Staying fit and being healthy is a major trend in our market. Why not give them what they want? Get on board with this new fitness set. Set includes a multi-function pedometer, waist bag and reflective band for arm or ankle stuffed into a 1-liter bottle. Use this set as a raffle prize or even as a nice gift for your first 15 customers.
48 sets: $12.49

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