About Spiffs.net

Founded in 1999, Spiffs.net’s success in the promotional products industry has been built on excellent customer service, competitive pricing and timely delivery of products. With more than 650,000 items available, our customer service experts will help you find the perfect promotional product to fit your project and budget. And, by making the ordering process worry free, we allow you time to concentrate on your other business responsibilities.

Whether your marketing objectives include advertising, trade shows, direct mail, client retention, employee motivation or corporate events, our customer service representatives will help you find not only the right promotional product, but also a unique marketing tool.

Promotional products have the ability to expand the life of your advertising dollars by:

  • Enhancing Brand Recognition

  • Meeting Marketing Objectives

  • Improving Customer Loyalty and Employee Morale

  • Increasing Event Attendance and Awareness

  • Extending the Longevity of Campaigns

From embroidered corporate apparel and bags to customized key tags and pens, we have your promotional product. Contact our customer service representatives today at 888-304-8203 for a free estimate.

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